Kickoff meeting

The GEMS project officially got underway with a two-day meeting on January 26th-27th in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Hosted by the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the meeting brought together teams from the University of Alcala (Spain), Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), and the Teaching Factory Competence Center (Greece).

The agenda focused on launching the project. Participants received an updated overview, heard presentations from each partner, and engaged in discussions to solidify the overall execution plan.

The project aims to develop educational hardware with a comprehensive online support system. This innovative approach will provide students with an equal opportunity to learn mechatronics, a field that merges mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. However, achieving these goals presents exciting challenges that the team is eager to tackle.

Throughout this year, the project partners will work collaboratively to develop high-quality hardware and software. Student and educator evaluations at each partner institution will be crucial in ensuring the project’s success.

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