Hardware evaluation meeting

The second GEMS project meeting, held in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, on February 8th-9th, 2024, brought together representatives from University of Alcala (Spain), Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), Teaching Factory competence center (Greece), and University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) for a productive discussion of the project’s first-year results.

The main focus of the meeting was the development and evaluation of an innovative mechatronic educational hardware kit. Each partner shared their experiences and findings from the hardware development process, as well as insights gained from student evaluations. Students, with some guidance from instructors, independently assembled mechanical and electronic modules from basic components, providing valuable feedback that will be crucial for further improvements to the hardware and accompanying teaching courses.

The meeting’s location, Alcalá de Henares, with its vibrant energy and the rich history of its university founded in 1499 with inspiring ideals, served as a perfect backdrop for a fruitful exchange of ideas. The positive and collaborative atmosphere successfully propelled the team towards achieving the next project milestones.

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